Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Interpretations of my dreams...

I have been wondering about this for a long time now...My dream world? How would it be...green or blue? Would it be like a smooth trail paving through thickets reaching the point where I can see nothing but a valley and the endless sky!

Ahhh, actually my dream world sometimes do feel like a dimly lit, painted in white— ballet dancing room in which every movement is slow, graceful and elegant! In which happiness prevails with broad smiles and shiny eyes. It is a world where people rejoice.

Yes, I confess that I spent half the time at night constructing my own dreams with some people i hardly talk to and in the world which I have hardly seen.

Well, there are people who always tell me, “Grow up Neha, you are going to be 21 now, life is not as smooth as a dream.”

Well as far as I am concerned’ Dreams’ have helped me to listen to the lullaby of life. Dreams were my inspiration and day dreaming about anything which may mean nothing to the real world and people has done wonders for me.

Whatever I am today is the result of my series of endless dreams during graduation years and I think my dreams have already started shaping my future.

I dream of becoming a writer one day,

I dream of going to watch fire crackers at London eye.

I dream to roam Ladakh with a backpack and a friend!

Ahh I dream of owning a house on top of the mountain...

I dream of meeting a man, who will understand my conversations within.

I dream...

I had heard from someone that dreaming and making dreams a reality are two very different things.

Life itself feels like a dream...and ‘living’ feels like a dream run when everything is in place...

It’s been four years; I have been staying alone and dreaming.

I have realised that every interesting person that I see then he or she may be a person sitting on a footpath with expressionless face and a lost sight automatically fits into a fictional character of my dream...which leads to a concept and then a fictional piece of writing!

It’s been days i have written a fictitious story...ahh i guess it’s time to dream...