Friday, January 8, 2010

I belong here...

Exactly at 12 on the New Year’s night I saw firecrackers bursting all over the sky as I travelled back to my home by train. That night the city looked beautiful.

Hmnn...Wait...I am not talking about Mumbai here but about the city of Navi Mumbai!

Since I shifted to Panvel it’s been my routine to take a bus to college in the morning and come back home by the train. I do this just to enjoy the different routes and views of the city in one day itself. Almost every day I wait to see the small wooden boat lying alone on the shore of the backwaters before Kharghar. The cranes, white as milk, fly all over the water every time I happen to see them. The mountains around this city give me strength and the citizens give me hope.

This is the city which allowed me to walk from Sector 4 Nerul to the seawoods station enjoying the lake and the sunset. It was one hour walking but tireless. In this place only I was able to just walk into an ice-cream shop, select my flavour and enjoy every bit of it while walking down to Kharghar station.

I made some of my best friends here. This is the city which taught me struggle, importance of freedom and how to share relationships with people. Few days before I was in an emotional turmoil but the city’s calmness brought me out. My poetry, my writing took birth here. I see tremendous change in me throughout the course of three years but this city hasn’t changed. Kharghar is still as beautiful as it was. Panvel is still as dirty as it was...(i am already used to it) and Vashi still as corporate as it was!

Its like “every day is a new day”, shouts Navi Mumbai at me. “Take life as it is...face it... face it” it keeps me on a roll!

So much is written about the great city of Mumbai everyday but I hardly find anybody talking and writing about this lovely city. So this blog is dedicated to the city of Navi Mumbai and all the Navi Mumbaikars who made me feel at home.

If I ever become successful and have money bundles of money in my bank account, I will buy a house here in this city. I would slip into a comfortable chair in my balcony and go on writing and writing endlessly while sipping my favourite Chai and I am pretty sure that beautiful sunset will give me company!

Ahh...I don’t know why it took me three years to express my love for this city. Today i happily declare myself as Navi Mumbaikar... (Thank god my mother doesn’t read my blog!)

Well, Better late than never...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

my first ever blog

The ultimate realization(s)

While sweeping my house that day I thought of writing blogs! I then turned this desire into my New Year resolution, so here it goes!

Few minutes passed while sweeping as I realised ‘well, well I can sweep the floor too!’ I mean I left my home and my city to make my career. I can read, write and blabber (sometimes original, that keeps me going!) I go on trekking and play badminton whenever possible. I can cook, sweep and do dishes too! I waved the broom in the air and cherished my moment of ‘happy realisation’! I felt good of myself after a long (its looooonnnnnggggg) time.

That day itself I went into a book shop and saw one book about women, Indian women to be specific! It was a new ‘Indian best seller’! Though I don’t remember the name of the book I simply could not forget the two golden lines on its back page. They were, “what Indian women want today? ‘Sex’, maybe, ‘Money’, ofcource but of their own!

Suddenly I was hit with another realisation that I am a typical Indian girl, who will be called a woman after a few years, so what do I want? I wondered! I can sweep and cook so I qualify to become a wife (according to my aunties) and as I came to make my career in Mumbai , I am a very responsible daughter (according to my optimistic father) but to tell you honestly what I love the most is my freedom and my independence! It was given to me a few years back...I misused it and then I had to earn it back! That’s the way it is...

Well, well, here I am aspiring to become a critical, serious political and travel writer stuck with brooms and books!

I hope you survive this blog to read the next... hope is a good thing after all!