Saturday, January 2, 2010

my first ever blog

The ultimate realization(s)

While sweeping my house that day I thought of writing blogs! I then turned this desire into my New Year resolution, so here it goes!

Few minutes passed while sweeping as I realised ‘well, well I can sweep the floor too!’ I mean I left my home and my city to make my career. I can read, write and blabber (sometimes original, that keeps me going!) I go on trekking and play badminton whenever possible. I can cook, sweep and do dishes too! I waved the broom in the air and cherished my moment of ‘happy realisation’! I felt good of myself after a long (its looooonnnnnggggg) time.

That day itself I went into a book shop and saw one book about women, Indian women to be specific! It was a new ‘Indian best seller’! Though I don’t remember the name of the book I simply could not forget the two golden lines on its back page. They were, “what Indian women want today? ‘Sex’, maybe, ‘Money’, ofcource but of their own!

Suddenly I was hit with another realisation that I am a typical Indian girl, who will be called a woman after a few years, so what do I want? I wondered! I can sweep and cook so I qualify to become a wife (according to my aunties) and as I came to make my career in Mumbai , I am a very responsible daughter (according to my optimistic father) but to tell you honestly what I love the most is my freedom and my independence! It was given to me a few years back...I misused it and then I had to earn it back! That’s the way it is...

Well, well, here I am aspiring to become a critical, serious political and travel writer stuck with brooms and books!

I hope you survive this blog to read the next... hope is a good thing after all!


  1. A very good new year resolution. Now, it's up to you to keep it resolutely. Keep up the good work.Thumbs up!

  2. Good work... Hope the Indian HOUSEWIFE thing is not interpreted wrongly by you

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  4. Nice one!!! It's actually nehafreemind! You have been very candid throughout and that is the outcome of what you learnt while you were alone (with your soul).