Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cups of tea + FUKAT time = CONVERSATIONS

Today I write this blog in the honour of the tea time conversation I just had with two of my best of friends. Today I can say that we can talk about anything and anyone on this whole earth! This tea time conversations happen over a cup of tea and I happen to drink many cups of tea in a day so...i have stopped counting the hours I spend in such conversations...they are endless yet intriguing.

Today one ultimate realisation has struck me again. Our conversations have matured by time.

I remember two years before me and my bunch of friends bitching about fellows but now the whole bitching scenario has taken a complete turn. We used to bitch about individuals now we are old enough to blame the whole society, system, cast and creed!

How the whole world is fucked up...that’s the end conclusion of our every time tea talk and we have a good laugh and separate. We don’t leave anybody whether they are our professors, classmates (who do not fall in a category of friends) parents, relatives then we move on to castism, communalism, riots, gender, mentality ....hushhhhhhhhh.....(i told you they are endless)

But these days as my degree course is coming to an end I think a lot about the time we spent at the canteen or at our favourite tea my place when I make tea for my friends and we keep gathering the fallen crumbs of the biscuits on the floor and keep spilling words from the mouth. With the degree course this part of my life is also going to end. I will keep drinking tea but I don’t know if I’ll get the same company which shares same kind of sentiment about how this world is no better place...!!!

My degree course hasn’t taught me much as these tea conversations have. I wonder what is exactly there in this cup of liquid that just runs into a stomach and makes people say the most sensible and sometimes the dumbest thing in their lives. I am going to miss it...

Again I let my imagination flow and I imagined myself in a same group, with same people that sit and chat with after exactly ten years...hah...the group was standing in the same spot talking the same this system doesn’t work...!!!

Well, well when I searched within myself about the inevitable thing in my life...the search stopped at one wonder I am always up for a CUTTING CHAI...


  1. Love you Neha..... this was the most beautiful blog I've ever read...
    I've not known a person who thinks so much as you do... The words were flowing beautifully and most important they were coming at hitting straight to the heart. It felt like a heart to heart blog...
    I too hope that five, ten, fifteen or twenty years down the line, we can share a great cup of Chai and some matured and some childish talks and the Chai and the conversations never get stale....

  2. A piece straight from the heart... a simple, every day act involving snatches of conversation amid endless rounds of cutting-chai could hold such immense sentimental value is something i realised... very good work... keep posting such many more blogs... Happy blogging!

  3. very beautiful...keep it up!