Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Those are the ‘words’ that will lead you to freedom

Have you seen the movie called ‘Freedom Writers?’ In which a hopeful and aspiring teacher transforms the bunch of hopeless kids, how? She uses the most powerful weapon...and what is that? Well...Words!

Miss G, as she is called in this movie makes her students write, read and listen the words full of hope, virtue and belief. She simplifies the chaos in a teenager’s mind into paragraphs written in a diary.

What is in words? What can words do to a human being? Have you ever realised that all our relationships define and sustain on the words we use? We call somebody our friend—which is again a word and share some words of friendliness with him.

You call someone a Father and what you get in return is love...what i have realised somehow is that a relationship with anybody will prevail if that person is least bothered about how you say to him but listens with open heart, what you say to him and sometimes stands beside you, speechless just to let you know those cosmic words which are unspoken yet conveyed through eyes, a simple touch or a smile. When we finally experience this all we do is to collect these memories in mind and convert them in to words to share with someone else.

Watching those kids in that movie troubled with racism, gang wars and constant gunshots, open their hearts in a personal journal and express the meaning of fight, chaos and how they miss their friends they have lost in the futile gang wars, have made me write this content. And when i wonder why, my memory of the first diary that i wrote comes back to me.

I guess I was 15, just passed my SSC exam and got a diary to write in vacations...what i wrote, i clearly remember was about my family and how much i used to feel alone, How i found everything was a lie and nobody loved me. I have no idea where these thoughts came from and how i tackled them later on but these few written words still make feel a little guilty about those feelings but that belief of expressing myself, being true to myself in a diary lifts me up every time. I can lie to the world, and i certainly do so but how can I ever lie to myself...what empowers this feeling is few words describing the truth.

When you see something else and you get to write the contradiction because of the human made norms-- give words to the truth you know, give words to what you feel, let the words flow in the format of your emotions and let them explain what is most important to you.

I bet, you will score ten on ten in this exam and the word ‘belief’ will enter in to your score card of life!

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