Saturday, February 20, 2010

Unlimited sea but a limited sight…

A beautiful woman with skin as smooth as milk and deep light brown eyes donning a pleasant smile sat opposite me in a local train. She was covered in a burka but her face was unveiled. Looking at her my ultimate realization struck me again that no doubt they want to protect or cover the beauty like hers!

She was with her own child, a little girl. Not more than three years old, she was nicely dressed in pink tee and black jeans. Comfortably occupying her mothers lap she was gazing at the wonderful world outside the window.

“Look at the sea, baby, see how big it is!” said her mother to her by pointing at the sea.

But the little lady was busy in looking at my jeans and her own jeans and suddenly she cried, “Same, same jeans!” her mother and I exchanged smiles as it was really cute indeed!

After few moments her mother covered her liitle head with a burka and said, “beta , dhoop aati hai naa..”

Well, I realized that after few years the little lady will turn into a woman and have her own burka. Her body will be covered by a black cloth while her soul will be bound by certain limitations!

Her religion accepts the limitations openly while others don the happy and ever smiling face or a term called ‘COMPRAMISE’ to cover them all.

I felt as if she is looking at the limitless sea but her sight is going to be so limited within few years!

While coming back home on the same day I saw bunch of women standing at the door of the train facing the sea. I smiled as I sensed that at least half of them are looking at ‘nothing’ but on back of their minds they are thinking about kitchen, family and a struggle that will begin tomorrow again!

It all depends on how you look at the sea and its limitlessness. Most of us see what we are made to see, the vision is given not formed!

I wish to break the limits…