Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yes, I believe...!

All these days I was suffering with some kind of a writer’s block. But now it seems I am back and writing again. All these days I was feeling as if something in me has lost and I am searching it all around the city, just forgot to search within, found the chord at the end...better late than never.

On the way to my gym I always see two Bhajiwalla’s sitting on footpath near their respective stalls and saying “Om Sai Ram” continuously. Every time it hits me with the realization that they both are happy while remembering god. Faith or believe that’s what you call it. They sound so clear and plain as if they are just doing this for themselves. I guess such faith is what keeps a man going.

While thinking about faith and belief I remembered the day when one of my friends mother asked me whether I believe in god? I simply answered, “No aunty i don’t find any need to believe in god.”

Then she said, “I know it’s because you lost your mother when you were very young but faith is important my dear. Have faith in something or someone. It will bring you peace and satisfaction.”

She spoke the ultimate truth about me. My perception towards god changed extremely after I lost my mother but my life took a turn when I accepted it.

I believe in accepting the reality. I have faith in my friends and family, to be honest every single day when I wake up I feel like,

‘I Love my self’

‘I love my life’

‘I love my friends and family’

So I have realised the course of my faith. I have faith in people and I believe in myself totally. I always used to wonder about why I don’t feel insecurity; again I got my answer within myself.

So it doesn’t matter to me if I don’t go to temple, when I look at it from distance I feel serene and that’s about it.


  1. Although I think what you said would hold point... Again when you believe in yourself, within you, you are ultimately believing in the spirit that you possess. (And I am not talking about आत्मा at all) Now this spirit gets its energy or for you GOODNESS from the ultimate spirit that is GOD... So technically you believe in GOD and for believing him you do not need to visit temples or churches or mosques...
    You unintentionally spoke the ULTIMATE Truth that GOD is within you...

    शोधिशी मानवा राउळी मंदिरी, नांदतो देव हा आपल्या अंतरी...

  2. I think, there's something which holds you within and controls you indirectly, known as 'cosmic power' sourced from the sky, which is like a wireless network of infinite energy! The shikharas/ apexes of every spiritual space thus act as antennas to catch them n pass it to human body standing in the 'garbhagriha'. Ofcourse, people don't go to temple for this reason, as they hardly know it! Very few people are capable of looking inside them, where the God is, and so they need the 'Approachable n definite Figure' to stare their eyes on, i.e. Idol in the temples! And, the main purpose of the religious places were to gather people from all stratas of society together, under the common head of something, what we call God. This image of God, i think, is getting 'personalized', due to quality of lifestyle we live, these days, where there is hardly any social n communal life left.